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Writing Plugins

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Hi All,

Can someone explain to me exactly what i need to write plugins for FM? Specifically how do i get the FM API? Does it cost money? Do i need some kind of license from them? And if so are there alternatives? I am an experienced java and C# programmer. Thanks all!


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The header files for the API are included somewhere on your developer CD, along with the documentation.

A C interface is expected from your plug-in, as well as provided. You'll need to use C, or a language that can declare functions as C API (most compiled languages can: C, C++, C#, obj-C, Pascal, etc.) Apple includes gcc/g++ with their XCode developer download, which will work if you don't already own a compiler.

Be aware that the plug-in API has radically changed with FM7, FM6 style plug-ins are still supported in FM7, but there interaction is limited. FM7 plug-ins can *easily* start scripts and use calculations, as well as have multiple arguments.

From the user's point of view, in FM7 and earlier, FM6 style plug-ins must use the External() function:

External( "myPlugIn", "Arg1" )

FM7-style plug-ins appear to be normal functions:

myPlugIn( "Arg1"; "Arg2"; "Arg3"; ... )

FM7 style plug-ins can accept a variable number of arguments, and dynamically add / remove functions from the interface (think demo verus registered users).

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This topic is 7150 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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