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need help in scripting

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I am an intermediate developer that has been asked to create a database program for our production lines. On our production lines we manufacture automotive parts. During our production the assembly workers enter data on sheets of paper. The data that they enter on these sheets is as follows: date, part number, rev level of part, production per hour, total production for shift, total number of hours worked for the shift, and fallouts (per hour and per shift). Fallouts are parts that have failed a certain test. The assembly person runs each of the parts through a number of tests during production and what "area" or "sub part" fails the test needs to be tallied. There is up to 50 "fallout" possibilities on some of the parts. All of the information needs to be collected hourly and by shift, and to add to the production, we have control limits that can not be exceeded. There is a different control limit for each fallout of the part. Also, we run some "side" tests every 2-4 hours of production. What has been requested of me is that I automate everything accept for the entry of fallouts and the results from the "side" tests. We also track the time a workcenter is down and why it is down. This is called Downtime, which we have categorized on the back of all of our production sheets per workcenter.

I created a number of databases, Product, Fallouts, Entry, Info Entry, and Downtime. Product, Fallouts, and Downtime are databases right now that hold all of the information for the parts (Rev Level, possible fallouts, possible reasons for fallouts, process level, workcenter produced, etc

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This topic is 7372 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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