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Fixing Fuzzy Text in FM Pro 7

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I applied a little graphic design trick to my horribly fuzzy fields and it seems to have solved the problem until Filemaker comes up with a real fix.

Select all of your text fields at on time (this is for speed, not a necessary step) then duplicate them. With the duplicated fields still selected, position them on top of the original fields and then nudge them, one pixel at a time. My fields came into focus with the duplicated field just one pixel to the left of the original.

By the way, I did this with the original fields having a color fill and the duplicates having a transparent fill.

Take care,

Leslie Davidson


I posted this in another section as well in response to a few people mentioning the problem. I hope that it is okay to have posted this solution twice.

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I am using a Windows 2000 box with a CRT monitor and doesn't work for me. I tried nudging Arial text in all four directions and even if exactly centered, it looks worse than a single field. I also tried with Courier New, and the two fields looks darker (which is nicer), but is still fuzzy. Is there something special I need to do?

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