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Let’s say there is an entry field called A is displayed differently on the same layout.

The data of first A is entered by key in, second A is selected from a drop down list.

The problem is when I run script "Go To Field (A)", it always point to the field A that data is entered by key in.

I want it to point to the A with drop down list.

What did I miss?

Thank you

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Yes, it is unfortunate but this is the way FileMaker is designed. Set Fields and Goto fields and in fact any reference to a field on a layout, like copy, paste etc... all goto the uppermost and left most field availible.

So if you have a layout all with the same field, just displayed differently, the upper left field will be the default one.

The trick is, set a tab order for the layout and then use the Goto Field script step with 'Next' selected, the number of times you need to in order to get to the field you want, this will select the pulldown you need. It's very much a pain in the butt, and you need to watch you don't change the tab field order later on, but it will work.

P.S. You will run into this with portals as well, Goto Portal Row will default to the upper left most portal, so you should first use Goto Field (::related field in the portal you want) then the Goto Portal Row (First/Last/Next etc..) and then another Goto Field to select the actual field in the portal you need.

Good Luck!

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This topic is 7363 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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