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How to stop line items file from opening

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Hi there!

I have these two files Order and Order_Item database. A script is run in Order database to execute a script in Order_Item database that then does a couple of things. The problem is that the Order_Item database goes to the front of the desktop which is annoying to the user. (It moves in front of the Order_Database that the user is working on)

Any idea on how to stop this behaviour? mad.gif" border="0

Any tips?


Steve Griff

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Olive is close: put a Freeze Window step in the Order script then a Perform Script [external] step,. but don't use Open.

In the external script (in the line Order_Items db) place a Freeze Window step at the start and make sure the script doesn't refresh the screen anywhere (it's OK to change layouts just don't select refresh). Finish up by externally calling a script in the first database that finishes with a Refresh [bring to front] script step.

Open script steps are not needed before calling external scripts. The Open command will cause the startup script (if any) in the new database to run which may resize the window or refresh the screen unnecessarily. Just calling a script externally will open the file but not run the startup script.

The Freeze Window step prevents FMP from updating the display, and this alone can speed up the execution of scripts dramatically. I'm usually liberal with Freeze Window steps and very careful when and where I refresh the display.

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This topic is 7341 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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