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FileMaker vs. Access A developer's Comparition

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A thorough article. Wim is the PC guru. But keep this in mind:

"FileMaker 5.5 and Access 2002 are the current releases of both products and these will be used in this comparison:"

I don't know about Access, but I doubt that it's changed as much as FileMaker 7.

1. Limits: Almost none in FileMaker 7, ie. 2GB for text, 8 Terabytes for a file.

2. Event triggers: not completely implemented, but take a look at the Example plug-in, available in the Resources, Tips, New, at:


BTW, I find that there are few instances when I want a script to run as soon as someone edits a field; mostly 'cause there's more than one field involved, and I'd want to wait till all were done. I'm just beginning to use this, so am overly cautious.

It might be nice to have more, such an "on focus" trigger, but not essential.

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hm hm...I know some will hate me for this but V7 has just now put FM into a league of Workgroups-meduim size DBs....lets face it "anything good" in FM ran on Plugins that cost just as much as FM itself.

Access had 95% of the "new FM features" in 97 and therefor had no need to upgrade much from V made in 2002.

Besides, V7 is still a "baby" and who knows what is on the dark side of "being in production".

....only NOW FileMaker has a horse to race with....and it is looking in better shape than M$ Access... laugh.gif

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This topic is 6438 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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