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three ways to type-ahead portals


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a system of users -< registration_join >- account >- manager

there is a selection portal on the users layout that shows all of the accounts and when a user clicks on a row, the account is added to the join file and the user is allowed to use that account. The objective is to have two type-ahead filters for the portal: one where a partial account number is entered, another where a partial manager name is entered.

I have attached three files

1. A normalized file where the manager name is not in the accounts file. This is slow but normalized

2. A non-normalized file where the multikeys are both in the accounts file. This is fast, but importing is still slow (Data is imported regularly from an ODBC source)

3. A non-normalized file with no stored calc multikeys that uses more complex relationships. This file imports much faster but portal display is slower than option 2.

Does anyone have other options for filtering a portal where one of the keys is not in the table represented by the portal? Any ideas for optimizing speed?

Any input is appreciated,



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This topic is 6442 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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