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Spacing in Layout and Other Dilemmas

J Pate

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We are in the process of converting our Excel database of calendar information into a Filemaker database which we share between Mac OS 9 and Windows 98 computers. In Excel, we often pulled reports into Word using mail merge, creating 3 column formats that are easy to distribute to the public and our media and academic contacts.

We have now set up a layout on FMP to do this, but there are a few kinks we are trying to work out. This past week I figured out how to do sub-summaries to have the dates sorted by Month on the layout. Next on the agenda is to fix the spacing. I'm using merge fields so the internal spaces are cenched up. I am also using the sliding option and the pagination option under the Body Part Setup to make things go to the next column. However, there are still two or three spaces between sub-summary headings and sets of merge fields, and the amount of space fluctuates. Plus, are there any options for a text wrap so there aren't four or five spaces empty at the bottom of some rows because all of the merge fields won't fit into the space. Please advise. I'm about to pull my hair out.

i.e. the reports look like this, but in 3 columns:

September 2004

Sun, Sep 12

John Doe, trombone

8:00 PM

Recital Hall

Admission Free

Mon, Sep 13

Piano Duo Recital

Pianist 1 and Pianist 2

8:00 PM

Recital Hall

Admission Free

Also, to send these reports out, we usually e-mail an attachment in Word? Is there any way to get this format out to other users who do not have FMP other than a spreadsheet or html table? Perferabbly a Word document or PDF file.


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This topic is 6433 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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