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FileMaker Server and start up files?

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Good morning! Anyone know how to get a file being served on FileMaker Server to launch as a start up item? We have FileMakerServer set up on a PC with Windows 2000. It is serving mostly Mac platforms. I'd like my Mac users to be able to launch a served file at start up.

On the Mac, when I "Connect to Server" from the Finder and choose our regular server called "Porky", after I log on, the server shows up on my desktop. And, thus, I can drag the icon into the Startup Items. Then whenever I start up, the server Porky opens up requesting the password with which I was originally logged on as when the icon was dragged into the startup items. From there I can have any FileMaker files located on Porky to lauch at start up as well. However, with our FileMaker Server machine named "Albert", I am unable to figure out how to get it or a file it is serving to be recognized at start up.

My IT person isn't able to help. She is somewhat reluctant to learn the ins and outs of OS X now that we've upgraded. Her first reply was that you could only access Albert via FileMaker's open remote. But I reminded her I am able to Connect to Server and open Albert to add or take out files via my Mac, the only difference is that the icon doesn't stay on my desktop.

Anyone have any clue how these servers differ in set up and can I change some settings to make Albert function the same as Porky. Or is there another way to have a file launch at startup?



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First off, you've got file sharing turned on - this is a no-no, as described in the FileMaker Server Best Practices White Paper, available at the FMI website. Second, the way to automate starting hosted files is to create an "Opener File," which is a FMP database on the local machine. That file contains a script (which runs when the file is opened) which opens the hosted file via "Open Remote..." and can be put on the local machine's desktop, or set to open automatically (via Startup Items.)

You should never, ever, be able to access a FileMaker Server box via OS-level networking - allowing such access guarantees that at some point the whole solution will come crashing down, with a loss of data as well.


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Thanks! I'll try that Opener File solution. In regards to file sharing from the server, does that mean that the Sharing in Properties on the folder should be turned off or the FileMaker document preferences should be set to Single User.

I thought that if multiple users were able to access the file at the same time, preferences needed to be set to Multi User.


jana :

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Use AppleScript:

Type this into a Script Editor Window and save as an application. Then place this new application into your startup items. * note Instructions for FMS7, and the only FMP app on Client i.e. no FMP 6, 5.5 etc. 192.168.1.x = the IP Address of the machine hosting the data base. DataBase = the served database you wish to open.

tell application "FileMaker Pro"


getURL "FMP7://192.168.1.x/DataBase"

end tell


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This topic is 6363 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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