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Problem with editing record


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I have a two file relational database (2 separate files) that I converted from FM3 to FM7.

In the first file I have a portal where I can navigate to the detailed record in the second file. I tried to add text to a file, and got the following message.

"This record can not be changed because it is already being changed in a different file.

This never happened in FM3, and I do not think it happened a couple of days ago in FM7 under OSX 10.2.8. Clicking different records in the portal does not help. Going to a different master record in first file and then back ot the second file does allow me to change the record. Obviously this is not workable long term.

Any ideas?

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...already being changed in a different *file*? Or in a different *window*? (I've gotten the latter message, but not the one you mention.)

When I get this message, it's because somehow I've opened up multiple windows on the very *same* record (a possibility new to FM7), and FileMaker can't keep track of which window is the one I'm "really" working on. Especially given your message, I'd certainly encourage you to see whether you're not just generating a window showing another layout with more detailed information from the very *same* record you were working on in the master file. Or perhaps your "go to related record" script actually creates more than one window for the same related record?

Do the two files hold entirely different kinds of information? What are the kinds of records?

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As you guessed, the correct message is:

"This record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window."

I also get the message:

"This operation could not be performed because one or more of these records are being modified by other users or in another window." when I try to delete the newly created Employee record in the separate window view.

A Company master record contains a portal with Employee records. Not all info is contained in portal, so I go to a related Employee record containing mailing codes, etc. This problem only occurs if I have just created an employee record in the portal and then go to the related record to add data in another field. It does not occur if I go to a previously created Employee line in the portal. Company and Employee are separate files.

BTW, am now using Panther 10.3.3. Same thing happens in 10.2.8

I understand that one advantage of FM7 is that multiple windows on a file are allowed. Is there a preference hidden somewhere that blocks editing of the record from multiple windows?


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This topic is 6643 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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