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Using a different Creator or Modifier Name

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I recently began work in an office with about 16 Windows computers, all of which have computer names of past employees. No one can remember who works at the various computers. When our FileMaker databases enter the name into the Creator Name field or the Modifier Name field, we would like it to enter the name of the person who currently uses that machine rather than the name of the person who left the company 5 years ago. I do not know how to change the internal name of the computers, so thought I would try to find another way to get our desired result, aside from having the current employees' names legally changed. Is there a way, with a plug-in or script or related file, to have something other than the computer's internal name used in these auto-enter fields?

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The trick is this:

- as part of the Windows logon script

- capture the Windows user name

- write it to the registry where filemaker stores the username preference

- now whenever filemaker gets started, the status(currentUser) will reflect the Windows logon name

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If you are switching to FM7 you could switch the recording of creation and modification from user name to Account Name.

If in pre-7 you can create you own login system and with the use of a couple of plugins have a decent setup. A lot of people have created such beasts to meet their needs and I am sure a search here my turn one up. I have an login system that I did which uses DialogMagic and SecureFM to keep the actual passwords hidden from the user and allows them to open FM just once and I control which module they can go into. I've been focusing on the 7think way of doing this.

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This topic is 6418 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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