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It is quite simple: I created a layout used to search locations (cities) and/or dates. I created my own button 'Find' because in Find Mode I am not able to enter dates (...?). Anyway, when I press Find, it leads to a nice report, and everything is correct... except for the date. When I input my search parameters, I simply write down the date I want the report to begin with (this field is called 'DummyDate' and is used only for finds) and when I click Find, it places it in another field ('BeginningDate', which is used in my report) and performs the find. I have inserted stops in my script, and everything seems to work. It goes to my report... but when I come back to my search layout, the date in 'BeginningDate' is not the same than in 'DummyDate'....

Anyone can help me? It is quite an urgent matter...


Francis Moisan

Turbo Images Inc.

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I think this will solves your problem; before performing the find, in your script use this statement:

- Set Field (BeginningDate, DateToText(DummtDate))

Hope this helps, regards.

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