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onClick into a RadioButton Submit a Form

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i wan to create an simple form , just with radio bouttons

the choices come from a ValueList

I want not use the Submit bouton , just perfom a search when

the user activate a Radio Bouton .. on Click

i have tried with JavaScript making running correctely examples not

based in Filemaker .. but when i integreate whith the principes

of FMP i have not succes .. just error like "Objet attendu"

here my modele ...


<form name="myDomains" action="FMPro" method="POST">

Select one of the folowings domains:<br>

<input type="hidden" name="-db" value="Application">

<input type="hidden" name="-format" value="AppliType.htm">

<input type="hidden" name="-error" value="AppliType.htm">

<input type="hidden" name="-lay" value="Details">

<input type="hidden" value="asscending" name="-sortorder">

[FMP-ValueList: Domain, List=Domain]

<input type="radio" value="[FMP-ValueListItem]" name="AppType" [color:"red"] onclick="?:??" > [FMP-ValueListItem] <br>


[color:"blue"]<input type="submit" value="Find" name="-find">


here for the moment i show the submit buton to make it work

but latter i wan to remove it

have some one implemented something like it with Filemaker ??

thanks in advance


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This topic is 7107 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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