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Newbie question! show datas two tables away


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I am the newbie of newbies. grin.gif

I am making a database with three tables(which is in two files)

I am making kind of photo album.


Data :) contains data of images

Data-Image :a table contains relationship between data and image

Image : contains images

Relationship between three tables are

Data Id <-> Data-Image_D (one : many)

Image Id <-> Data-Image_I (one : many)

Data and Data-Image is in the same file

and Image is in another file

table <Data> and <Image> has own serial numbers(which is IDs)

and <Data-Image> table has connecting data between <Data> and <Image>

i.e <Data 3> has related to <Image 5,6,7> , then there are three entries in <Data-Image> like

<data> | <image>

3 | 5

3 | 6

3 | 7

and I want to see images 5,6,7 in a portal of Data 3 layout.

How can I make this???

Plz give me hint...

I am not even sure whether this is possible or not..

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In FM7 your task should be not just possible but easy. (In FM6, it would require setting up calc fields in the join file to bridge the images over.)

Whichever file you want to do the viewing in -- the file that is "home" for the data table, say -- needs to have all three tables in its Table Occurrence Graph. When you go to Define Database, and choose the Relationships tab, you will see a box representing the tables currently referenced by the Data file. If there's no reference to the graphics table from the other database, then add the reference using the "add table occurrence" button at bottom right. In the dialogue box that comes up, you'll have to add a new file reference for your other file, then choose which table you want to add (Image table). Now, relationships among all three tables can be set up by "dragging" lines between key fields. Actually, it sounds from your post as though you've already done all this, so you're almost there...

So, is your question just how to *display* the data in a portal? You know how to draw the portal on your layout with the portal tool (looks like stack of boxes). Specify that you want to show records from the Images table. Then populate the portal with fields -- specifically the container field from the images file...

If this is not working, please tell us what *does* happen after you set it up.

Good luck.

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Also you might want to look at the new feature in FM7 which allows you to not only define how many rows are showing in the portal but the starting row number as well. You can place multiple portals on the layout each specified to start with a different row.

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really thank you!

Finally I did it! and I successfully made this just for an hour.

(I was very busy and had no time to work on this.)

Your tip was really helpful even though it might look just simple..(even to me haha)

becuz I didn't know that is that easy ~

Moreover, I wasn't sure that my ideas were possible or not smile.gif

and Newell , thank you for your tip. I should check how to make that out.

Thank you thank you

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This topic is 7093 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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