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How do I "auto input" other details of someone after selecting a user

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Hi people.

I have this problem where you can select a product from a drop down list box. I have a Primary Key of a number for uniqueness of each product.

Instead of having to put in the primary key and then by pressing tab the related records for that product appears, I want the drop down list to be able, on when the user selects a product, to fill in related records including the primary key, detailed description etc.

This is probably possible (I hope). Hopefully someone's got an easy answer out there. There shouldn't be many problems since you are selecting a item which would be "unique".


Steve Griff

[ August 13, 2001: Message edited by: Steve Griff ]

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Hi Steve,

You might set up a lookup to related records or a conditional value list might also solve your issue. Lookups use a relationship from your current file [Primary Key to the Primary Key of the related file]. Goto Define Fields>Select Options>Select Auto-Enter Tab> Select Looked Up Value Checkbox>Select Relationship>Select the filed you want to be auto-entered.

Conditional value list is much easier to set up in FMP 5>. Filemaker 5 CD has an example file and the help menu will aid you if I am understanding your post correctly.

Hope this helps you.


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