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Solution Hanging on Windows 2000 Pro


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I have a Kiosk mode solution which I've bound in Dev 6 and then processed using Kiosk2Win. The users having difficulty (hanging at launch) are running Dell computers with Windows 2K professional. Kiosk2Win is a program which allows you to run a kiosk mode solution but still give the user complete acess to the desktop. I'm wondering if anyone else has run into anything similar. Is it that the processor on the Dell computers is not compatible?

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Hi Dagel. I'll assume you're able to run this (FM kiosk solution with Kiosk2Win) successfully on other computers. I don't know anything about Kiosk2Win, but we do have some software here that will not run on certain vendors' computers because of conflicts in the conventional memory (that first 640K of memory that loads all the most basic stuff for Windows like display adapter and sound adapter). If our software is unable to get enough space within conventional memory to operate, it just won't open. This is 16-bit (DOS) software that i'm talking about, but Kiosk2Win may have a similar thing going on. Could you say a little more about this program?

If this is a conventional memory problem, we have found ways around it.


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This topic is 7102 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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