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Server 5.5 error on start-up

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This is probably really obvious but i can't figure it out. I keep getting this error when i start FM Server 5.5, "The copy of FileMaker Server has been modified by another program or virus. Please obtain a fresh copy from your locked master disk after determining the cause."

I get it every time i start up. We used to have Server 3.0 and got the same error then as well. We upgraded about 2 months ago but that didn't help. If I ignore it and click 'Continue' nothing bad seems to happen. Can someone tell me what the error is, why do i keep getting it and is there a way to get rid of it because it's a bit disconcerting?

By the way the server is running on an old Mac, OS 8.6

any ideas would be appreciated

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I've never seen this error, but it sounds bad. If you install your copy of FMS on another box, will it start without the message? Furthermore, did you reinstall the system software? Considering that you shouldn't have much else running on your FMS box, there's not much reason to not install the system fresh.

What it sounds like is a corruption in a prefs file, so I'd consider a clean system install.

BTW, I've got two clients running FMS 5 on OS 8.6, and haven't had any problems in three years.


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Hi Stanley,

thanks for your reply. I installed it on the only other available mac in the office (running OS X 10.2) and it works fine. No error messages, so your probably right and i just have to try and re-install the whole system.

Thanks again for your help. It's much appreciated and i now have something to tell my boss smile.gif

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This topic is 7105 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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