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value list with partial data


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i'm strugeling with this for a few days now, and i can't seem to get the result i want.

I'm pretty new to FM, so explain in detail (I have read a few posts about this topic, but i don't understand them).

I'm wording in FM7


I have a table with company's, one of the fields is 'status' with can be (suspect, prospect, client, past).

I have an other table with invoices. when i select the company for the invoice, i have a drop down list with a value list. This value list should only containt the company's who have status: client.

i think it has to do something with relation and global field, but i can't figure it out


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You're right that it has something to do with relationships. As for global fields, maybe.

Let's say on your invoice you first select Suspect/Prospect/Client/Past in a text field called "Status" (non-global seems best to me). Now you want to have a list of only those companies that match that status, right? Then create a relationship between Invoices::Status and Companies::Status. Create a value list with values from a field, only from a related field, from the field Companies::CompanyName. Attach that value list to your CompanyName field on the invoice, and you should get the behavior (i think) you're after.



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This topic is 7101 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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