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I am converting my FM 5 files into one self contained file. They work fine as external files but when I combine into a single file solution they need some tweaking.

I have a people table which contains many fields of which one is STATUS for being currently employed and another field of CATEGORY.

I want to develop a value list in which the contents of the peopel table is filtered by STATUS=YES and CATEGORY=EMPLOYEE.

in previous FM versions I had made a Key concatentation of Category + Status and compared this to a defined global field in the file = "EmployeeYes". Once they match the value list is populated. Employee is a field value defined to be the current company.

My understanding in FM 7 is that we can do multiple comparators in the relationship definition. I was hoping to get rid of my global variables and key fields but it seems I can not. Right now I still do not have it working in my one file solution. Tt seems very simple but elusive. You can not define a comparator in the relationship builder only add fields.

Also, why does some value lists not populate unles the field its based on is indexed?... seems silly to me.

Thank you all for your help. I am new to this forum.

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To filter your relationship by STATUS="YES" and CATEGORY="EMPLOYEE", use two global fields in People to hold gStatus and gCategory. Then populate them with gStatus = Yes and gCategory = Employee. On the Table Occurance graph, add these relationships to the relationship between People and the second table: People::gStatus = Table2::STATUS and People::gCategory = Table2::CATEGORY.

By using these globals in the People table, the fields won't have much overhead. It's more efficient that building a concatonated key in both tables.

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This topic is 7101 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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