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script in related file on a server

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I don't know if I have a problem yet because I haven't tried this on a network yet, but, here's the scenario -

I have a point of sale database which has a portal to look up the stock availability of an item (via relationship using field::"Product Code", then I have a portal that writes into a "Sales Bridge file database" when I click on a button entitled 'BUY'.

The script then requests the STOCK ALLOCATED amount in the STOCK DATABASE and adds it to the QTY REQUIRED in this order, then pastes it back into STOCK ALLOCATED and then performs a new record request in the SALES BRIDGE FILE database and writes that this product has been ordered also listing product code, qty, description, price, sales person, invoice number, etc. which all sales computers write into.

Because I was unable to get a new portal row easily, I got around the problem of creating a new record for a new line item, by getting this script to perform an external script which looks for the last record entry and duplicates it, allowing me to constantly overwrite the first record and have a copy of it anyway - Do you follow this so far, Uhhh!

It works well on a stand alone system, but I am worried that clicking on the 'BUY' button at the same time as someone has entered a new line item from another computer could cause the 'Duplicate Record' in the External script' to copy the wrong record causing one salesperson to sell one too many and the other not to have sold it at all. I hope this makes sense!!

If I do a FIND REQUEST in the Related Database, does it mean that all other computers with a relationship to the Sales database will only be able to see the records that I have requested or is there a way that I can FIND and view related records whilst everyone else is still in Show all Records status? - Long question! Remembering that the proceedure should only take a split second!

If all this is too confusing, please let me know and I'll TRY and make it simpler, otherwise if you get the jist, please help!

Thank you




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I think I've thought about the answer to the question to avoid all of the above problem.

Question to Bob Weaver who I know answered a very simular question in the Scriptmaker forum but I did'nt totally understand how to do this in script form.

How do I select the Portal row that I'm currently on and ensure that when I request a duplicate record in the external scipt that I am definately only duplicating my portal row not anyone elses?

NB: you mentioned GO TO PORTAL ROW by specified value - how do I assatain the value of the last entry that I did and use it to duplicate that record?

If anyone else knows, please let me know thank you guys & gals.


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This topic is 7310 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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