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Scripting Account Creation

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This is a basic example of creation and resetting of Accounts, with assigning Privilege Sets. It is in 2 files, but the technique would also be useful in a 1 file solution, if you have many accounts.

There is an option to store the password in a field, but it's not really such a great idea, unless you encrypt (which you can do using a Custom Function; but that's another solution).

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I deleted the 1st sample file (after only 1 download). This is a new one. It has a better method. Which is that it sets both Account and Privilege Set variables for the external scripts into global fields in the Staff file.

The (great) advantage of this method is that you do not necessarily have to make any changes to the scripts in the external files. Once you've got them set up in one file, you can import into another file and the scripts should run as is. All they need is a plain Table Occurrence of the Staff file in their graph (do that first).

Otherwise, because of the table prefix on all field names, you would have to retarget some of the fields. This gets old in a hurry.



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