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Scrolling in not-editable fields

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sorry for posting this here - I didn't find an adequate section for such kind of probs..

So, the problem is the following..

My database has 2 levels of access - guest and full. And there are fields on my layout which can contain lots of text, and therefore be scrollable. Scroll bar is functional when a field is editable (full access mode), but as soon as I turn the editable flag off (for guest mode), the field can't be scrolled anymore, so in guest mode the information is just cropped, and this is definitely not good..

I have my own access system, so per-field access feature of FileMaker can't be used in my case I'm afraid..

Anybody faced this problem? Please share any ideas how to fix it? All I can think of is to have global editable fields in guest mode, which duplicate contents of real non-editable fields from full access mode (so that even if guests make changes to these fields, they are not recorded). But that'll be MAJOR pain..

I'll be greateful for any suggestions!



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For scrollable non-editable fields, make a calculation field equal to the field that you want to display, and then display the calculated field instead of the original. The user can scroll it and even select and copy text out of it, but cannot change it.

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This topic is 7286 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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