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Help Me !!!!!

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Hi !!!

I have a report made by my login-logout control program... Sometimes, an employee log-in and log-out several times a day... then when a see the report, this employee has several records. I need to filter theses records in the way that I see the first log-in and the last log-out of each employee, with the same date. How can I do that :

tks !!!!

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You can achive this with a self related calculation.

---User Fields---

1) NameField -- (Text,Unique) (a StaffID may be better)

2) DateField -- (Date)

3) TimeField -- (Time)

---Calculation Fields---

4) NameDateField -- name & DateToText(DateField)

Then in Relationships create a new relationship and select the file that you are currently using, then in both scroll down boxes select "NameDateField" Lets call the relationship "LoginLogoff"

Then create the following calculation fields to display the highest and lowest time related to that individual on that date from the Aggrigate functions, remember to choose the relationship name from the pop up list before selecting the fields

---Calculation Fields--- (related)

5) LoginTime -- Min(LoginLogoff::time)

6) LogoffTime -- Max(LoginLogoff::time)

You can then adjust your report to show these values when sorted by Date the Name

Hope this works for you.

Stuart wink.gif" border="0

[ September 01, 2001: Message edited by: Stuart T ]

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