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Importing Dynamic Files

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I have been using filemaker for some time, but in a simply way. We use it for invoices and so on. I now want to automate our entire order system with filemaker. So what i have done is modify our shopping cart to send an email in comma separated text.

Now before I go any farther, I was hoping someone could answer a few quick question that may seem dumb.

Since I need filemaker to automatically import the email and setup all the invoice feilds from the email. I also need to compensate for orders that contain multiple products. So if someone orders one item I can import this into one feild, but can I have filemaker create duplicate feilds for each item order unlimted, so I can then process the data for an order that contains many different items?

Second, I need to have filemaker lookup the part number that came in from the email and match it to another filemaker data base and fetch price info and shipping weight ?

I plan on doing the research to do this on my own but I want to make sure I'm not wasting my time. I pretty sure I can do this with filemaker.

So the end result will be this, customer orders, filemaker auto check email account, gets email, imports it into a data base, takes the part number looks up the price and shipping weights, takes all this info caculates UPS shipping cost, then takes the Credit Card info and uses another plugin I found to process the card, this returns the infomation declined or approved, based on this info; for declined sends out an email using another plugin to notify the customer automatically that there order was not processed, if aproved filemaker then contacts UPS gateway and gets a tracking number then creates a printable invoice along with a UPS shipping sticker, after which filemake sends an email to the customer with total with shipping, and tacking number.

Does anyone know of a system for filemaker that already does all this and is automated. As of now we are manually doing this and our orders have increased to about 20 a day and all the info is handled manually. This is proving to be a nightmare I need to automate the whole process.

Dale K.

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This topic is 7267 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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