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FMPlugin Developer License Special all $99

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FMPlugin would like to offer an amazing discount on their new plug-ins. Our

fall special offers all of our Developer licenses at $99.00 This gives you

unlimited use of our plug-ins as well as remarkable savings. We have uploaded new movies of all of the plug-ins in action! This sale will end September 26th.


Change Printer Plug-in (The only printer plug-in to support FileMaker 7) (Works with 5-7)


Developer License was $299.00 Now for one week only $99.00

This plug-in allows you to change printers on the fly within a script. Call

multiple printers within a script. Does not affect your windows default

printer. This plug-in is being used by numerous companies with great success.


FMWall (Works with FileMaker 5-7)


Developer License was $299.00 Now for one week only $99.00

FMWall has many new features! Imagine no one being able to get into your FileMaker solution. Imagine no one being able to copy your solution and use it. Imagine being able to have a custom window that pops up after 30 days and says "Your solution has expired you need to purchase this software". Imagine having a custom window pop-up with your company name and logo that locks users out of FileMaker. This is not a screensaver, but a virtual wall that protects FileMaker from access. Other applications can be used, but FMWall protects FileMaker. You can set up master level and user level passwords with FMWall that allow limited access. Watch FMWall in action, or download a demo. (Ability to add your own custom bitmap was requested at Devcon, so we added this feature)


TypeAhead (Works with FileMaker 5-7)


Developer License was $299.00 Now for one week only $99.00

This plug-in was extremely popular at Devcon. Many of you have heard of clairvoyance or type ahead functionality. Now you can have it. No more looping scripts or flashing screens, this plug-in allows you to simulate typeahead mode in your solutions. We even include a free script trigger feature that calls a script when you tab or exit out of a field. Check out the movies of this plug-in.


FMWeb URL (New Features)


Developer License was $299.00 Now for one week only $99.00

This plug-in allows you to open password protected web pages from FileMaker. You can post to http and https sites and retrieve http, xml, txt, or asp pages and save them to your hard drive. You can then apply a style sheet and import them into FileMaker. We use this plug-in to send SMS messages to cell phones.

All plug-ins have sample files and user guides. Be sure to watch sample movies available for all of our plug-ins.

Custom Plug-ins

If you would like to consult with us about developing a custom plug-in for your company or for a solution please contact us at: 800-353-7950 or 386-453-5843.

In Kindness

Joseph Mele




Professional FileMaker Web Services

Graphic Design, Custom Plugins

Search Engine Optimization

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This topic is 7185 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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