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access privileges w\instant web publishing


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I have a database in Filemaker Pro 7 on Windows XP.

I have one account set up in the Accounts & Privileges that has the built in read-only access. It works like I want it to. When that user accesses the database via a browser and the instant web publishing, the user can read all records and perform a find on all records, can't delete or edit anything.

I have another account set up that is configured to only view certain records as defined by the View limited records calculation of: department = "ger" or department = "fre". The user can only view records where the department field equals "ger" or "fre" using a browser and the instant web publishing. However, this user cannot do any finds. There are no errors, but after going to the Find option, no fields are available for clicking and entering find criteria.

Extended privileges, etc. seem to be the same for both users. The only difference I can find is using the built in read-only privilege vs. the custom one I defined. Of course.

Thanks in advance for any clues.


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This topic is 7207 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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