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deleting duplicate files

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I have a file with many many records, all of which have at least one duplicate. I want to be able to find all the unique records and then delete the duplicates. Is there a quick and dirty way to do this?


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Hi Susan,

You probably already know that you can use the ! Find operator to find duplicates in a field.

Then you can sort your found set by the values in that same field -- thus lining up all the duplicates.

Then you can use a script that loops through the found set, omitting the first instance of each value, but leaving the duplicates. After the loop gets to the bottom of the list, you can delete the remaining found set.

For a quick reference on using omit in a looping scripts, check out this thread:


Hopefully this is enough to get you started. Good luck!

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As I read it, Andrew's solution works if there is only one duplicate for any record. ere is a sample of a script I use to delete duplicates where there is/maybe more than one duplicate.

Enter Browse Mode

Perform Find [ Request 1: master field ! ]

[ Restore find requests ]

Sort [ Sort Order: master field (Ascending) ]

[ Restore sort order, No dialog ]

Go to Record/Request/Page

[ First ]

Set Field [ g_duplicates, master field ]

Omit Record


If [ master field = g_duplicates ]

Delete Record/Request

[ No dialog ]


Set Field [ g_duplicates, master field ]

Omit Record

End If

Exit Loop If [ Status( CurrentFoundCount) = 0 ]

End Loop

Set Field [ g_duplicates, "" ]

Show All Records

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