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Multiple layout views

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Recently I downloaded a program called "Computer Admin Lite" and one of the features that it had was the ability to switch between different groups of layouts within the same file. The program allowed the user to see 4 different layouts in most of the groups and 2 layouts in the last group. You could switch between the different groups through an icon and see different layout groups.

Could someone please tell how to do this?

If needed I can give a better description of what I am talking about in an email.

I am new to this program and I purchased it because of the "Computer Admin Lite" program that I downloaded. It seemed to do almost exactly what I wanted to do, but there were some changes that I wanted to make.

Please help!!!

email me ASAP at [email protected]

Thank you. [email protected]

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If I understand you correctly, i think you could use buttons (non printing) on each layout to switch to the other layouts. The action of the button would be "Go to layout " [specify layout name]

You could either have a directory page (built on a blank layout page) with screenshots of typical layout pages for the two groups or just jump to the first of the other group.

Does this get you where you want to go? If not, please give a little more detail about what you want to do.

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Not sure what you mean by seeing groups of layouts; in FMP you can only see one layout at a time. You can group layouts using the Set Layout Order -- and separate them by creating blank layouts named "-" (that's right, it's a hyphen) -- but you can't see a "group of layouts".

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When you use the GoToLayout step in a script, you can include this step inside an If Statement so that you can be taken to different groups of layouts depending on values that have been set in a global field or from a Status function.

A common use of this is having a single scripted button which sends the user to one layout on a Mac - but to a different layout on Windows.

You could extend this so that the user is essentially navigating within a tree arrangement of layout groups, based on whatever conditions you wish to define., remaining within a certain "branch" section of the treeuntil they take an action to jump to another branch.

Am I making sense here ??


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This topic is 7133 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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