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Ian Murphy

vector images?

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I'm making a straightforward name & address database, and am taking the opportunity to use graphics to make a more handsome interface than I've been able to in the past. What I'd really like would be to use vector art, rather than .jpegs or FMPro shapes, so that my graphics will scale accurately regardless of my user's screen size. I find that when I import an .eps, it scales poorly [like raster graphics]; an .ai [illustrator file] imports, but appears trasparent [i.e. no image information]; and a SVG is grayed out. Any advice, or am I out of luck?

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The best i have done is to get the screen size with various functions

i think it's Get(ScreenHeight) & Get(ScreenWidth) to determine the

screen resolution (ie: 640 x 480). Then based on that i would

display the proper layout for that size of screen.

It means a couple of res. options for each layout.

I do 800 x 600 and up.



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FMP layouts do not scale. There is no way to make them scale.

FMP has a Zoom Level command which magnifies or reduces the screen in predetermined rations (50%, 150%, 200%, 400% etc) but it is not automatic and must be invoked with a script or button. And it's pretty curde IMHO.

As Dan suggested, the most professional solution is to design layouts for each supported screen resolution. It's a huge amount of work up front (not to mentions mind bogglingly repetitious) and it enormously complicates the change process later because each version of the layout needs to be modified.

I tend to only check screen height, because there are a lot of computers out there with wide screens

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