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looking for a Solution

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I am sure my project is too big for my level. Here is my problem.

I am attaching a trial database. Each record has manhrs, and a start date & Finish date. The Manhrs are distributed linearly to simplify. The idea is to ditribute all the manhrs summed in a summary, distributing throughout the year on a weekly basis. So that I can draw a Curve for the Manhrs requirement.

I am not sure which way to go. Thought of creating Global fields for each week of the year and going through a loop to check each record and adding the weekly data from a record, depending on whether the week falls between the start date & Finish date, add weekly manhrs. Thats very complicated...can you Gurus think of an easier method PLEASE?

Thanx a million in advance smile.gif


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Since you're on ver. 6 should you use Michail Edoshin's SmartRanges to make all the dates in between the two dates, then add a new file containing one record for each day in the year which then are trimmed for holidays and weekends etc here do you use a date to a range. Now in order to grasp the workload do you use the weekly manhr to sum( over the relation - which is one per day and perhaps divide with daily hours as long as it produce an integer. This integer pulled over the relation is ment to produce a graph of the webdings char "g" via this calc. =Substitute(Right((10^relation::pull),relation::pull),"0","g")

Checkout http://www.onegasoft.com - for the SmartRanges

Now what is left is to make searches in the new file to extract a certain date range your wish to investigate ...and let the graph here histogram not curve show.

Think about the approach and if you wish me to make you a template - please let me know by mailing me at JamNOSPAMsessionware@mac.com removing the "NOSPAM" .....


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Thanx SD

I am trying to understand SmartRanges. Its a big leap in learning for me, but shall crack it.



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