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Only show certain records IN portal

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I have a sales file for 2 types of sales. Type 1 - Monthly sales, Type 2 - Marketing Sales. In another file I have a portal showing both Type 1 and 2 sales and another portal where I want to show Type 1 sales only. I have a different relationship for the 2 portals as they need different sorts but I cant seem to show only monthly sales in the second portal.

I have read the "Only show certain records from a portal" but it doesn

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There's a couple ways to do this, concatenation, and what I think of the "If, ID," which I usually prefer. Basically you create a calculation in the Sales file that ONLY has the ID when your conditions are met, otherwise empty. This would be the ID that you're using as a target for the portal's relationship. You don't say exactly what that is, nor exactly how you differentiate between sales, so this will be psuedo-code.

Target calculation field in Sales:

_cSales1 = Case ( Type = "Monthly", ID, "")

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My first portal is to show the value of all invoices for that client.

My second is to show just Monthly sales values eg. 3 CDs and 10 images.

At the moment both portals use the client ID to link the sales file back to the client details file. I think by what you have said that if I create a new field in the sales file with the calculation:

copy clientID into relationshipClientID IF month field = January, February etc etc

I can match this with the matchfile in my client details file.

Is this right?

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