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Quicktime problem

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I am trying to insert quicktime as a file rather than the movie itself in efforts to not slow the database down... when I go to double click on the file, it won't open... why?


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From FM Help:

You can add a QuickTime or QuickTime VR movie to a record by inserting it into a container field. You can also insert other multimedia file formats supported by QuickTime 6, such as sound files and MPEG video files. For a list of supported movie and sound formats, see Working with data in container fields.

To insert a movie or other file format supported by QuickTime:

1. In Browse mode, click a container field.

2. Choose Insert menu > QuickTime.

Windows: If this menu item is dimmed, you do not have Apple QuickTime software installed on your computer.

3. In the dialog box, select the movie or sound file (change folders, if needed).

Mac OS: Select Show Preview to show a frame of the movie in the dialog box.

4. Click Open.

Which step are you stuck?

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I have a database for archive Quicktime videos.

I can ( no problem) archive Quicktime videos via Network, but I Not Open.

My network is B)

Server B) G5 DUAL with FM Server 7.

Client Machines: Ibooks and PowerBooks with FM Pro 7.

In the G5 via FM pro I open Quicktime movies but I not open via Network the message Could not be opened ( Not Found).

What is necessary to make to open Quicktime movies via Network computer in FM 7?



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