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David Smith

Troi serial plugin in standalone

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Hello everyone.

I have a FM solution that uses the Troi serial plugin. Works great. Rolled it into a standalone runtime application (not kiosk) with Developer 6. Now the serial plugin transmits but does not receive.

It looks like the script dispatching thing isn't working, since that is necessary to receive, as I understand it. I haven't been able to find anything at Troi, and can't subscribe to their list.

Has anyone tried this before? Is there a fix?

Thanks! confused.gif

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It's probably not of use to the OP, but I'd figure I'd post a reply anyway for future reference.

The dispatch scripting can be triggered using "scriptname" or "scriptkey". The scriptname mechanism uses ActiveX, which is not supported in the runtime created by Developer. Using scriptkey in stead should solve the problem. At least in 6, because at this time triggering by scriptkey doesn't work at all in 7.


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