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Arthur Poortman

Records Dissapear!

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We are using Citrix Metaframe XP with FM client v7.0v3 and FM server 7.0v2 on Windows 2003 standard.

I have a big problem, at the moment that more then 1 user is adding record, it overwrites existing records.

I tried to catch it with the latest updates, different cache settings, scripts, recovering the file but with no luck.

I called to FM support but still no solution.

With filemaker 6 in the same situation i never had this problem.

Can anybody help me with this?

Thanks in Advance.

Arthur Poortman

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Could you be more specific ?

1. does it overwrite when you "add record", or "commit record" ? is "add record" a script, with other steps ?

2. if user 02 adds a record, does the total number of records increase ? can user 01 see the new record ? are users 01 and 02 separate accounts ?

3. The file could be corrupted. Can you make it happen with a "brand new" test file ?

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1. it overwrites when i add a record, add record is in a script, but it also happens without a script.

2, It is difficult to check if the records increases when it happens. It happens after the user leaves the record. 01 and 02 are different accounts sometimes on the same Citrix server, sometimes on a different Citrix server.

3. I think the table is corrupt beceause it doesn't happen with a new table.

Filemaker called me just a few minutes ago, they say that i could try to save the database as a clone and then import the records from the corrupted database but that is a big job!

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