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FMS7/OS10.3 & RAID - any headway?

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this is becoming a problem. i have a development server set up with three drives: one for OS/apps and two in a RAID1 mirror for data. i can't get my FileMaker Server to recognize the RAID path to the databases as the alternate database location. what do i have to do to make FMS7 recognize the path? or do the databases HAVE to reside on the same drive as the server app?

i'm going to have a lot of problems rolling out new systems if i can't get this to work.

thanks in advance!

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See my other post, but in short:

1. Set the owner/group of the folder(s) in question to 'fmserver' and 'fmsadmin'

2. Make sure you don't forget the trailing slash in the path name.

3. Also, watch out for non-unix friendly characters in the path name such as apostrophe, pipe, slash, spaces, colons, etc. Not sure how FM handles these.

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