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Seeking Testers for Core III Development System

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Utopian, Inc. is actively seeking anyone who may be interested in previewing our new "Core III" FileMaker 7 development environment. Core III is a 'starter system' used as the jumping off point for custom development of almost any kind of integrated system and contains the following standard features :

- 100% cross-platform (Mac / PC) and multi-user friendly

- NEW! On-the-fly support for 2 different screen resolutions! (1024 x 768 & 1280 x 1024)

- NEW! Dual file design (i.e. all graphics / layouts in one file, all data in another)

- NEW! Pop-up window support

- Integrated internal messaging to / from other system users, cross-linked to any system record

- Integrated event scheduling with monthly, weekly and daily views, grouped user assignments, cross linked to any system record, and more

- Built-in, user-programmable Help system

- NEW! Feedback generator (a specially formatted email is sent directly to the developer from the system, containing step-by-step details of system usage; great for debugging!)

- Rock-solid, fully customizable security

- Plus a vast array of time-saving features built-in at the ground level and available anywhere in the system, such as perpetual calendar for date selection, colour swatch selector (colour code your records!), user-programmable "QuickList" (for one-click access of any system record) and more.

The first beta version of Core III will be available November 8th, 2004. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the beta version, please email Gary Brusanowski (gary@utopianinc.com) with the subject line "Core III Beta Request" and we'll send it off to you as soon as it is ready. Anyone contributing ideas, suggestions or bug reports will be listed in our final release version of Core III including clickable links to your web site and/or email address.

Also note that we are currently shopping Core III around to other developers who may be interested in using Core III as the foundation of their own custom systems, or perhaps would like to explore a strategic partnership arrangement. If you are a FileMaker developer looking to take your custom work to the next level, we'd love to hear from you!



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