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Basics of XSLT

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I have just spent a couple K to transform myself from a capable CDML creator into a helpless XSLT nincompoop. I need help at the what-files-do-i-need-and-where-do-they-live level.

A web page collects my first and last name. It ends up in a filemaker 7 db. The result file web page says hi <<first>> <<last>>.

Is that first page that collects the data a regular old html page, or is it a page generated by a stylesheet, or is it a stylesheet? Or none of the above?

Are stylesheets read directly by browsers, or does FMPSA turn them into html pages. I used a converter on some old CDML pages and got stylesheets but don't know what to do with them.

I know XSLT stylesheets refer to xml data. Does FMP have to export/import data to and from XML to do custom web publishing, or is this done automatically by FMPSA?

Any guidance/orientation would be deeply appreciated, the more basic the better. TIA

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The first page that collects data can be a plain old HTML page. You can apply a stylesheet to it which is read by the web browser. The stylesheet allows you to separate design and formatting styles from the data.

I'm new to FM7/FMS7A, but I understand exporting FM7 files to XML requires FMS7A. If you are custom publishing online, I suggest PHP as others here have recommended to me. I'm able to do what you're describing with FX.PHP which I believe grabs an XML export.

I just completed the FX.PHP in 8 Hours tutorial I bought from http://www.fmwebschool.com/php8.htm. It's full of typos, including code sample errors, it's geared for FM5/6 web publication and it makes some leaps in steps that can leave you floundering. However, it does a fair job of explaining how FMServer and IIS speak to each other and the FM7 file. It also has a very helpful couple chapters on properly configuring Windows, IIS and FMS7A via the admin control panel and the web-based control panel as well as prepping your FM7 files for the web via IWP and XML. It cost $35 and was immediately available as a PDF. I think it will help you at this stage.




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I was in the same boat, but after 3 weeks of intensive work, I am beginning to get the hang of it.

The FPAS Site Assistant is your friend. Instead of trying to do things from scratch, definitely use the Site Assistant to begin the task for you and go from there.

I have done 3 solutions so far, and I am going to get more advanced in my next several.

If you want to take a look go to


Each of these was done with the assistance of Site Assistant, and from there a LOT of tailoring to my needs.

If you have some questions, I would be happy to help in any way I can.

Email me at bvd@neenah.k12.wi.us

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