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Multi-variable portal question


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I don't know if it's possible to accomplish the following or not:

Say you have a data table - each record in the table has three fields:

Brand (Apple, Dell, DEC, Samsung, etc.)

Type (Computer, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, etc.)

Color (Beige, Black, Grey, etc.)

You want to view these records via a portal - but you wish to be able to filter the portal contents on the fly. You define 3 global fields: g.Brand, g.Type, and g.Color.

You set up the global fields with value lists, each matching possible entries in your data records.

Now - if you enter 'Apple' in the g.Brand field, the portal should show only those records that are Apple brand. If you then _also_ enter 'Monitor' in the g.Type field, the portal then only shows those records that are Apple-brand monitors. And so on, with the g.Color field.

Is this even doable? Any help would be appreciated!


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Yes make a stacked relation from calc's looking like this

Case ( IsEmpty ( g.Brand );ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "Brands" );g.Brand)

...to corresponding fields in the related table. This is done to prevent empty values in the globals preventing something to show up in the portal. If none of the globals have values is the entire database related shown.


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The calculation you have done is a way of combining three fields worth of data somehow. The calc is used in the global and also in the related table's record per each item. Then there is a relationship setup case = case.

Not quite I'm afraid, the calc makes sure to include all values that could occure in the coloumn ...the idea is not that far from the type ahead you mention - if it's based on multiline keys. But these days are they not nessersarily the only solution to the typeahead feature.

It might be better if I made you a template please await!!!


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I've been doing this another way (see attached), but was really pleased with your example as it requires less storage. My solution requires a value in all global fields, and uses dynamic value lists for the global fields, to show shortened lists with each selection.

Thanks much!


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This topic is 6635 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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