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Filemaker windows ODBC drivers stop working


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Hello. I have a bizzare problem I have been troubleshooting the last two days.

I have a windows 2003 server with filemaker odbc drivers set up to allow coldfusion pages to access a Filemaker 5 database residing on another Mac machine running filemaker 5 unlimited server . The database is open in both FM server and filemaker pro on that mac machine to allow multi-access.

This system was working fine for ages, but in the last few days suddenly stopped working (ODBC driver seems to not access the db). It seems there's something funky going on with Win2k3's ODBC datasource. When I tried deinstalling filemaker and reinstalling it on the Win2k3 server, the filemaker ODBC drivers didnt show up as a choice in ODBC administrator anymore.

I did a google and found out this is a problem that can be solved by exporting the ODBC drivers part of the registry, removing the @a= and default entries, deleting the ODBC drivers part of the registry, and then reimporting the exported reg file back into the registy. Indeed, doing this caused the filemaker drivers to show up in ODBC administrator again when I recreated the datasources. However, the drivers still dont seem to be working even after I recreated the ODBC datasources.

As a test, I have recreated the ODBC datasource on another windows/coldfusion machine and ran the coldfusion pages. These worked fine, meaning the problem lies with some kind of corruption with filemaker drivers (or ODBC administrator) on that particular win2k3 server(?). It is running the latest MDAC 2.8. Has anyone had this problem where existing filemaker ODBC drivers suddenly stops working or the ODBC admin has trouble registering drivers? Is there a way to access a filemaker 5 unlimited DB via the latest filemaker Data Sequent 5.4 odbc drivers (FM7 odbc client drivers) instead? I'm at wits end figuring this one out and am grateful for any help....

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This topic is 6520 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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