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Unable to see Files on Server7


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HI y'all

Solved the username password...if you had never used user name in your file leave it blank, then log in with your password- it will work.

Sever has OS X 10.3.7 FMP sever 7.0v2 and also FMP 7 is loaded on a iMac.

I am puzzled. I converted all the files from FMP5 to FMP7 by opening and saving them in FMP 7. Made sure the files network sharing -on, specify user by Privilege set -on

Moved the files on the FMP server7 as directed. I can't see the files at all from other locations. Even through the FMP 7 installed on the server. I did notice the file status lable all the files as "closed". Tried to "open" them under action..but they will open and close and remain closed.

The only file I can see is the Sample file.

Also another question. How can I keep the "fmp7 server" open with out using the admin to open the server to make it run.

Is this a Firewall issue?

Any help would be great!


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You need to make sure the permissions are correct on the files you wish to serve. Get info on the database from the finder and make sure fmsadmin has read/write access.

At the time of install one of the options is to make the daemon that serves the files open on machine startup, I don't know how to do this after intall though. I wouldn't recommend it anyway, I think it is best to have complete control of what files the server opens. In case of power outage, you would not want to serve files that were not closed properly.

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Ok...That process brought no results...nothing..The only Process that did work was make a "copy" of the file from filemakerPro 7 and then, remove copy extention example: file1 COPY.fmp7 to file1.fmp7. Then place it in the data/databases. The rename copy file worked except it will not allow you to make any new script changes...Files canot be Modifiable....What a bummer.

Any clues or ideas...I do really appriciate the help.

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This topic is 6606 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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