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help with dynamic text on layout


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Im completely new to filemaker, so I am learning as I go. I figured out how they put the contact name in big grey letters on the contacts example. <<tablename::fieldname>>

Easy enough. Now, I want to be able to display text based on a relationship. For example, I am designing a system to keep track of lawsuit records. I have a suits table, a parties involved table, and a join table which links what parties are involved in what suits.

On the suit layout, I want to display text saying the name of plaintiff vs defendant. That information is in a related table, and I don't know how to access that using the table::field notation.

I tried doing <<partiesinvolved::name>> but I want to be able to select which record to show based on whether they are plaintiff or defendant, and also whether they are the first plaintiff or defendant in the case, as there can be multiples of each.

Is there an online guide to using that notation, or to applying dynamic text to a layout? Also, is there a way to use scripts to change or add text to the layout? Any help would be appreciated.


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An even simpler method is to use the field tool in the status area. Just drag a field into place, then in the ensuing "specify field" dialog, you can select the relationship in the pull-down menu and then the field in the box. Uncheck "show label" (or whatever it says) and there, now you've got your field. Now, with the field selected, you can control font, color, size, etc., and also in Format->Field Behavior... you can deselect the ability to enter into the field, thus turning it into a dynamic piece of related text which the user cannot modify.


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Well that does seem to be a better way, however, I'm still having basically the same problem. How do I specify which record to show in that field based on a set of criteria? Scripting?

It sucks trying to do a project in a system I'm almost completely unfamiliar with.

Thanks again for any help.

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This topic is 6641 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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