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Known interactions with other applications?


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I have an application that is distributed in kiosk mode. A small number of my users experience 'file damaged' messages that leave the damaged file marked 'in use' so that it can not be 'recovered'. I distribute both PC and MAC versions. I develop on MAC. The users with the problems are PC users. There's nothing cute or fancy in the application.

One such user pulled an unrelated CD out of their disk drive and the application ran - without even going through recover. The CD was a game.

I use the .USR extension for my bound solutions - there are 27 tables (one per file - I'm still on 6 since the application doesn't convert nicely) in the solution; the most comples table has 50+relations and more than 400 fields.

Since the problem is limited to a few users, and one experienced the 'CD solution', I suspect there is more going on here than something in my application (although that certainly is a possibility).

What if some other applications use the .USR extension? Are there any known interactions with bound FM solutions? Is it important to select a unique .: extension? How do others pick the .??? extension for their applications?

Any insight as to how or why this might be happening would be greatly appreciated.


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Kiosks can be real finicky, as you probably already know. I had one, and gave up and changed it to a runtime using Dacons Menu Control.

Personally, I think you should assign your own extension(s) to your app. There is a Windows site web page that will let you see what has already been reserved, and will add your unique extension to the site. I have no clue what to do with Macs, since I'm strictly PC.


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This topic is 6629 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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