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link in html page to open and run a fmp 7 script


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I am trying to accomplish in fm 7 what I had in fm 6. Any recommendation on help materials would be great as well. At the moment all I have is the "FM 7 Instant Web Publishing.pdf.

My setup in fm6 was:

preferences/application preferences/plug-ins/web companion/

Enable Instant Web Publishing is not checked

I have a folder called "myinfo" with these files: mydatabase.fp5, index.html, mycalc.html in the "Web" folder.

the index.html has a link that looks like:

<p> <a href="http://xserver.lsi.ku.edu/FMPro?-db=mydatabase.fp5=&-lay=CGI&-format=/myinfo/mycalc.html&-script=ClearForm&[email protected]&-FindAll"><span class="large">Go To Calc Page</span></a></p>

after selecting the above link, the "clearform" script is ran in mydatabase.fp5 and the mycalc.html file is ran.

then I end up with the browser showing a "clear your entry" and "calc your entry" buttons along with a textarea for an individual to put text in, and another textarea in which the results are placed after the "calc your entry" is pressed.

I can put the meat of mycalc.html on the list if needed when I get to that point.

All worked great in fm 6.

I am trying this on my local machine before transferring it to the server. My set up in fm 7 dev is:

sharing/instant web publishing/instant web publishing is on. "Do not display in instant web publishing homepage" is checked. Port is 591. mydatabase.fp5 is converted to .fp7.

At the moment I can't even set up my link in my index.html file correctly to do the equivalent of the fm6 index.html which is to open mydatabase.fp7 and run the script "clearform" and then run "mycalc.html" file.

I updated my link in index.html to (actually I tried numerous ways):

<p><a href="http://localhost:591/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=biphones.fp7&-format=/myinfo/mycalc.html"><span class="large">Go To Calc Page</span></a></p>

I know I did not include the "clearform" but I was just trying to go step by step.

I get a "format" is illegal command.

Thanks for any help

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The main problem here is that custom web publishing is not supported with plain FMP v7. If you want to do custom web publishing with v7, you need FM server advanced. Also, CDML is no longer a supported way to do CWP. You need to use XML/XSLT, Lasso, or FX.php (or any other language/method to manipulate the XML produced by FM.

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This topic is 6631 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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