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Applescript "create new" fp7, related tables


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Hi there. I am a relatively new AS programmer and also new to FM7. I am trying to get applescript to insert values into various related tables in my database. I cannot figure how to make applescript insert a new record to each of the related tables ... simultanously.

I.e. I have a "product" table a "sale" table and a "notes" table ... ideally to have multiple sales and notes for each product ... (this is a simplified example, its actually with interest rates, exchange rates, etc where the relationship is not as obvious) I would like to insert a new sale for a new product, and add a note explaining where the product is shipped from ...

I have no trouble doing this in other dbms but ... without the benefit of sql commands, I'm a bit lost.

I have one layout with portals to the correct tables, and, if I were going to add records manually, I would do it there ... but I cannot figure out how to make AS work that way ... and should I add one to the "sales" table, which is not the master table, even with defined rules in FMP, how do I get it to actually add to the "product" table which is the master?


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This topic is 6626 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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