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Conditional value list in FM 5.5


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I want to make the value list used in one field to be dependent on the

value of another field in the record.

For example,

Country = "United States"

State/Province value list = "Alabama, Arkansas, etc"


Country = "Canada"

State/Province value list = "Alberta, British Columbia, etc"

How do I set this up?

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1- create a file (country_state),

2- define 2 text fields as "country" and "state",

You will use this file as countries and states table.

3- create a file "master",

4- define the fields you need specially "Country" and State "fields",

5- in the master file, File>>Relationships>>New>>

6- Name the relationship as "states"

7- select "country_state" as target table,

8- select on the left fields menu "Country" field,

9- select on the right fields menu "Country"

We can define 2 value lists

10- in the master file, File>>Value List>> New

11- name it as "Country"

12- use values from field:

13- Select "country_state" file,

14- select country field,

15- OK, OK, Done,

16- New (Value list)

17- use values from field,

18- Only related values

19- select "states" relationship,

20- select "state" field,

21- OK, OK, Done

22- in the master file, go to layout mode,

23- "country" field>> right click>> Field Format>> Popup List >> select "Country" value list

24- "State" field>> State value list

25- Go to browse mode,

26- select at the country a country,

27- then select realtional values from state value list,

28- lastly, thank me smile.gif

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This topic is 6621 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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