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Automating Referencing in Filemaker 5

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Hi guys appologies if this has already been discussed, I have read through some of the old posts and whilst they are similar(ish) to what I need, I am still lacking the information I require as a lot of the other post refer to Mac and I am using a PC.

In the past we have used Troi Grabber to take students photographs and store the pictures in Filemaker next to the students details. This system works fine unless the file is stored on a server, with this in mind our IT department has decided that the photographs are better stored on the server so that they are accessible by more than just Filemaker. The IT Dept are in the process of setting up a photograph system that will store the pictures on a server as <Students Ref No.JPG.>.

I have over 1600 students that will need their picture referencing to their actual record in Filemaker. Is their a way of scripting or defining a field that will look at the students reference number and automatically reference the container field.

Thanks in advanced for any help.

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Did you get any responds per this issue "auto refing in FM5"?

I myself is in a similar boat as our pictures are stored on a server, however I'm having diffculty in understanding the "link-age" between the pictures and to FM5. Meaning, when I open up FM5 in other network computers, I see the preview of pictures, but not able to pull up the entire picture at relative local machines.

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This topic is 6620 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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