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iApp Server 1.0?


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Anyone tried it? Excited by it? Is it crap? Let's talk about it:


iApp Server enables custom Web publishing with FM 7

By Brad Cook [email protected]

MacWeb.com on Thursday announced that its first product, iApp Server, is now shipping. The middleware tool installs as an Apache 1.3 module -- a 4D WebSTAR V plug-in is on the way -- and enables FileMaker Pro 7 users to build database-driven Web clients. It includes such technology as Server-Side Rendering and Saved Actions and offers support for all of the new features found in FileMaker Pro 7, including relational and portal fields. iApp Server also supports HTML template files as a native file format.

The software comes with iAdmin, a Web browser-based console for administrating iApp Server. It can define a Web server's online databases, saved actions, users and groups, value lists and global variables. iApp Server is US$495, with support for five concurrent users.

Their site: http://www.macweb.com/iApp/


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Hi Guys,

Im definately excited with this prospect. However, any sample real life databases out there I can browse.

I'd like to see what a good FM layout (nice clours, portals etc) look like rendered as HTML pages.


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This topic is 6627 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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