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Trying to glom info from a field using Get functio

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Howdy All: I am have a small database that tracks and hold image library information for another program. I insert the data into the database and add a picture to a container field. I have a field in the database that tracks file size and file location from that container field. Something is going amiss though. I can't seem to get the two fields in question to display anything but "0" once i enter the other data. I need to get the file size and file location(path) to display that data. I tried using the Get FileSize function and Get FilePath function but i am doing something wrong. Can anyone shed light on this issue?




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Hello Lakota,

The Get(FileSize) and Get(FilePath) functions are designed to return information about the size and location of the FileMaker database file in which they are evaluated. They cannot be used to return data about the size of (or path to) other files on disk - or at least not directly.

The most elegant way to resolve your problem may be to use a third party tool (or OS level scripting) to retrieve the required data. For example, the Troi File plug-in provides funtions which will allow you to retrieve paths and attributes. wink.gif

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This topic is 6623 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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