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Touch screen system more efficient way to script??

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Hi every-one I am creating a touch screen system but with a fmp7 dtabase as the backing I have setup a touch screen system so for example you press drinks it brings up a new layout with different types of drinks then for example you press beer it adds beer to the protal record of drinks which is attached to the table and meal id's and then goes to the brand of beer you then select a brand and it places it in the portal it then moves the screen to a qty layout and adds this quantity to the portal then gets the price from a lookup and multiplies it by the quantity, the system works, but I need it be more effecient and at current the scripting i have done is horrible as i need a layout for each menu, type and each menutypeqty, would any-one be able to help make it easier to create this system???

I have attached a copy of the database for editing and to see my horrible scripting at present only the beer button works fully through to qty as the others have not been setup yet as the way I have designed it would take to long to make all the menus. I would be happy to look at ideas and get suggestions

thank you in advance smile.gif


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One way to reduce the amount of button configuration is to put buttons in portals. Selecting the drinks button could enter the value "drinks" into a key field. A relationship from this field to a key field in a related file/table would select all drink records, and these would appear in a portal field that is configured to work as a button. Then the user clicks the "Coors" button in the portal, and that executes a script to enter that portal row value into the drinks order. I'm sure someone must have posted an example of this somewhere on the forum at sometime.

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This topic is 6618 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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