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Applescript Bug in Developer 7.03 Mac?

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I have come across a simple and disturbing bug in FM7 and would like confirmation from other users (or some advice to correct the error if im making a false claim).

Here goes.

Bug Number 1

I) I setup a Filemaker Script

2) Inserted a perform native Applescript step.

3) Applescript works well EXCEPT when attempting to alter data from the FIRST record in the current set. Seriously, just a simple Applescript attempting to set basic data fails to the "Record in current use" error on the first record, but works on all the other records.

Is this a bug?

Bug number 2

When revising said Applescript for a runtime solution, setting field data fails for ANY record if Filemaker remains open. Quit FM7, runtime works fine.

Is their a code workaround that enables the Applescript to specifically address the runtime?


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The problem is that the record in FileMaker has to committed (or at least not busy) BEFORE the AppleScript runs. So just have a Commit Records/Requests step, then a Perform AppleScript step. My experience is that FileMaker runs AppleScript faster than an AppleScript application does, so there's no real advantage to use external AppleScript applications in most situations.

That's a good question though, how to tell FileMaker to commit from an AppleScript. I don't know.

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Thank you greatly for your help.

Inserting a Commit Records immediately BEFORE the Applescript step has solved the problem...it seems that FM doesn't like having uncommited records. Makes me wonder whats the point of setting the ******* thing to automatically commit new records anyway but c'est la vie.

BIG HUG to Fenton

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This topic is 6612 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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